Failure to follow the rules will mean that you will be asked to leave. This decision will be taken entirely at the discretion of the owners of Broløkke Estate.

Broløkke Estate reserves the right to refuse admission.


park in the parking area

Parking is allowed ONLY in the designated parking area. The parking area is on the right hand side towards the end of the training arena. Follow the sign. 

keep your Dog on its leash

Every dog must be kept on a leash at all times UNLESS it is in the arena under safe and direct supervision of its owner OR in field exercises where an experienced owner has complete confidence in the dogs recall ability. The dog owner is solely responsible for anything and everything their dog does.

maintain mutual respect

Mutual respect and friendliness between all people is compulsory. Anything else is unwelcome and will be addressed directly.

pick up after your dog

Pick up after your dog and put it in the designated bin.

clean up after yourself in the kitchen

We all share our kitchen – leave it clean and tidy for the next person.

clean up after yourself in the restroom

We all share our restroom – leave it clean and tidy for the next person. Please report any issues to Martin Finnemann immediately.

use an ashtray

Please use the ash trays provided. No cigarette butts are to be left ANYWHERE other than in the bin or ashtrays.